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  • The findings suggest that adoption of e-cigarettes in smokers may influence smoking rates of people who smoke.
  • E-cigarette vaping rates are influenced by flavorings by people transitioning from smoking.
  • These findings have implications for the utility of e-cigarettes as a nicotine replacement device and for the regulation of e-cigarettes for harm reduction.
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  • Citation: Litt MD, Duffy V, Oncken C. Cigarette smoking and electronic cigarette vaping patterns as a function of e-cigarette flavourings, Tobacco Control 2016;25:ii67-ii72.
  • Acknowledgement: Support for this project was provided by Grant 1 R01 DA036492 from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, and in part by General Clinical Research Center Grant M01-RR06192 from the National Institutes of Health.