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  • Policymakers should proceed with caution when considering bans on flavored nicotine e‐liquids: restricting legal sales may push some vapers towards illicit sources, user‐modified e‐liquids (e.g. to add flavoring) or even conventional cigarette use. Given EVALI’s potential lethality and a myriad of work suggesting that conventional cigarette use is probably far more dangerous than vaping nicotine, these outcomes could be disastrous for public health. There is no link between nicotine liquids and EVALI. It appears to have come from illicit cannabis products.
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  • Citation: Friedman, A. S. (2020). Association of Vaping‐related Lung Injuries with Rates of E‐cigarette and Cannabis Use across US States. Addiction. doi:10.1111/add.15235
  • Acknowledgement: Research reported in this publication was supported by grant number 3U54DA036151‐08S2 from the National Institute On Drug Abuse of the National Institutes of Health and FDA Center for Tobacco Products (CTP).