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  • Bans don’t work. Bans never work. All bans do is push consumers to make different, usually more risky, choices. In this case, the likely outcome of banning e-liquid flavors people want is that they will seek to obtain them through the black market or simply return to smoking cigarettes. As a result, many more will die of smoking-related diseases or tainted products.
  • The wide array of flavors, produced by thousands of vapor companies around the country — most of them small — appear to be critical in persuading smokers to try vaping and preventing e-cigarette users from returning to their deadly combustible cigarette habit.
  • As a society, we have found satisfactory ways to address youth access to many adult products, like alcohol and marijuana. Given that e-cigarettes have the potential to save lives, regulators have a responsibility to find a similarly sophisticated solution to the youth vaping problem. Or, they can follow Michigan’s lead and learn the same lesson repeated throughout history: prohibition always causes more problems than it solves.
  • Citation: Michelle Minton, September 23, 2019, South Florida Sun Sentinel