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  • For example, what to do if and when certain targeted regulations that would protect teenagers would also, by making it harder to vape, substantially increase smoking in the general population? This situation may be common, and, by pitting the health interests of the general population against those of teenagers, poses an ethical dilemma. This article argues philosophically that if such tradeoffs between the health interests of adolescents and those of the general population exist, morally it is both permissible and preferable to promote the health of the general population.
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  • Citation: Eyal, Nir. “Rescuing Vapers Versus Rescuing Smokers: The Ethics.” Nicotine & tobacco research : official journal of the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco vol. 23,1 (2021): 26-31. doi:10.1093/ntr/ntaa157
  • Acknowledgement: The author is grateful to the National Institutes of Health for a grant supplement (to parent grant R01CA190444-04; PI: Delnevo) that supported this work.