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Conclusion: …”We also see that about one third of former smokers and over 7% of never smokers report having tried e-cigarettes, and current use is 10% and 2% in these groups, respectively. Similar findings have led others to raise concerns that e-cigarette use is a threat to public health because it can lead to combustible tobacco use, presumably among those who otherwise would not have become smokers [2]. However, it is extremely rare for e-cigarette use to be the first exposure to nicotine in young adults. It was reported by fewer than 0.4% of the never smokers, and none of the current and former smokers. This may be a cohort effect, and e-cigarette use as the initial exposure to nicotine may become more common as younger cohorts, who are experimenting with vaping at higher and higher rates, mature [19]. Nevertheless, in this cohort, 99.6% of young adult never-smokers who tried e-cigarettes had previously used or experimented with another form of tobacco, suggesting that in these young adults tobacco is a gateway to e-cigarettes, rather than the reverse.”...