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Links here for debunking myths Myth Busting provides links to info on anti nicotine claims and how to correct them.

Quit Aid The most frequently-used method to quit smoking is 'cold turkey', i.e. unaided, but this has a greater failure rate than perhaps all others. It is very difficult to attribute a precise figure towards popular quit methods such as NRT, Varenicline (various trade names), Allen Carr, hypnotherapy, snus etc., as the usual medical standard of proof, the Randomised Controlled Trial, doesn't really cover certain options such as e-cigarettes adequately (as choices of all various combinations of flavour choice, nicotine strength, and device type are impossible to include). However, a recent RCT demonstrated that e-cigarettes were twice as effective as NRT for smoking cessation (probably an underestimate of real world results). Like who knew the Pez dispenser was a quit smoking aid?