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  • Explaining this in more depth, the CTP director said "looking at nicotine differently" starts with addressing a few key points:
    • Recognize there is a continuum of nicotine-containing products;
    • Understand people smoke for the nicotine but die from the tar; and
    • Acknowledge the public health opportunity to move tobacco users down the risk spectrum.
  • "Are we having the wrong debate? For me, yes. The debate has been about e-cigarettes. It should be about nicotine," he said, adding that "someone needs to step up to the plate" and reframe the debate. Once that is successfully done, the nicotine debate needs to center on some critical questions, according to Zeller. These include: What is the longer-term use for those who need it? Is there a potential need for a period of dual use and, if so, for how long? What are the unintended consequences? Where does the principle of harm reduction come in?