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The focus has been lost, and who the "winners" and "losers" will be has changed. It is now Tobacco Control (TC) and Public Health (PH) vs. Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR). Caught in the middle are consumers who smoke, consumers who used to smoke, and industry stakeholders. AS TC/PH fights THR with both sides trying to "win" against the other, the world has forgotten the real "winners" and "losers". People who succeed at quitting smoking are the only real winners in this battle. People who die from smoking are the only losers in this fight. This is what we should be concerned about - people who smoke. It is time to #ChangeTheConversation. For TC/PH and THR to sit down and talk real solutions. Work on ways to limit initiation of smoking (and all age restricted products) while keeping Safer Nicotine (THR) products on the market for adults who smoke.