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  • We investigated the effect of nicotine-agonistic stimulation with 5 mg transdermal patches, compared with placebo, on cognitive performance in five adults with the disorder. Improvements possibly related to attention and information processing were seen for Down's syndrome patients compared with healthy controls. Our preliminary findings are encouraging, although not generalizable because of small numbers.
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  • Seidl R, Tiefenthaler M, Hauser E, Lubec G. Effects of transdermal nicotine on cognitive performance in Down's syndrome. Lancet. 2000 Oct 21;356(9239):1409-10. doi: 10.1016/S0140-6736(00)02848-8. PMID: 11052587.
  • Acknowledgements: We thank Pharmacia-Upjohn, Uppsala, Sweden, for providing transdermal nicotine patches. This study was supported by the Red Bull Company, Salzburg.