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  • These findings are concordant with our previous results and provide evidence that menthol Vuse Solo ECs have abuse liability that is lower than menthol cigarettes and potentially greater than that of nicotine gum.
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  • Citation: Stiles MF, Campbell LR, Jin T, Graff DW, Fant RV, Henningfield JE. Assessment of the abuse liability of three menthol Vuse Solo electronic cigarettes relative to combustible cigarettes and nicotine gum. Psychopharmacology (Berl). 2018 Jul;235(7):2077-2086. doi: 10.1007/s00213-018-4904-x. Epub 2018 May 3. PMID: 29725702; PMCID: PMC6015619.
  • Acknowledgement: identifier: NCT02664012. MF Stiles, LR Campbell, and T Jin are full-time employees of RAI Services Company. RAI Services Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Reynolds American Inc., which is a wholly owned subsidiary of British American Tobacco plc. DW Graff is a full-time employee of Celerion and provided the original draft of the manuscript. RV Fant and JE Henningfield are full-time employees of PinneyAssociates, which provides consulting services on smoking cessation and tobacco harm minimization (including nicotine replacement therapy and electronic vapor products) to Niconovum, USA, Inc., RJ Reynolds Vapor Company, and RAI Services Company (all subsidiaries of Reynolds American Inc.). JE Henningfield also owns an interest in intellectual property for a novel nicotine medication. Through PinneyAssociates, Fant and Henningfield provide consulting services to pharmaceutical companies on abuse potential assessment, and the regulation of substances with a potential for abuse.