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  • Smokers with PTSD report greater NA (Negative Affects) immediately prior to smoking and greater decreases in NA following smoking, and these findings are consistent with the observed patterns of brain activation in the current study. Thus, our findings provide a neurobiological basis that helps explain why individuals with PTSD are at greater risk of smoking and also experience greater difficulty quitting. The present study is not without its limitations. Our sample size was small and was predominately represented by female smokers.
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  • Citation: Froeliger, B., Crowell Beckham, J., Feldman Dennis, M., Victoria Kozink, R., & Joseph McClernon, F. (2012). Effects of Nicotine on Emotional Reactivity in PTSD and Non-PTSD Smokers: Results of a Pilot fMRI Study. Advances in Pharmacological Sciences, 2012, 1–6. doi:10.1155/2012/265724
  • Acknowledgement: Department of Veterans Affairs or the National Institutes of Health.