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  • Pain and tobacco smoking are both highly prevalent and comorbid conditions, current smoking has been associated with more severe chronic pain and physical impairment, and acute nicotine-induced analgesia could make smoking more rewarding and harder to give up.
  • Moderation analyses further revealed that acute analgesic effects may be achieved regardless of nicotine delivery method, current smoking status, pain induction modality, study design, or control condition, and that such effects may be more robust among men than women.
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  • Citation: Ditre JW, Heckman BW, Zale EL, Kosiba JD, Maisto SA. Acute analgesic effects of nicotine and tobacco in humans: a meta-analysis. Pain. 2016;157(7):1373-1381. doi:10.1097/j.pain.0000000000000572 (viewed Oct 5, 2021)
  • Acknowledgement: This research was supported by NIH Grant Nos. R21DA034285 and R21DA038204 awarded to Joseph W. Ditre, NIH Grant Nos. F31DA033058 and T32DA007288 awarded to Bryan W. Heckman, NIH Grant No. F31DA039628 awarded to Emily L. Zale, and NIH Grant No. 2K05 AA16928 awarded to Stephen A. Maisto.
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