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  • Intraoperative use of intranasal nicotine has a sustained opioid-sparing effect in non-smoking women undergoing gynaecological procedures and is associated with a higher frequency of nausea.
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  • Citation: Jankowski, Christopher J.; Weingarten, Toby N.; Martin, David P.; Whalen, Francis X.; Gebhart, John B.; Liedl, Lavonne M.; Danielson, David R.; Nadeau, Ashley M.; Schroeder, Darrell R.; Warner, David O.; Sprung, Juraj Randomised trial of intranasal nicotine and postoperative pain, nausea and vomiting in non-smoking women, European Journal of Anaesthesiology (EJA): August 2011 - Volume 28 - Issue 8 - p 585-591 doi: 10.1097/EJA.0b013e328344d998
  • Acknowledgements: The present work was supported solely by the Department of Anesthesiology, College of Medicine, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, USA.