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  • The present study evaluated acute effects of oral nicotine treatment on three auditory tasks in young adult and elderly, healthy, non-smoking individuals. All had normal hearing within the frequency range of the stimuli presented for the three tasks. Compared to pre-treatment performance, nicotine improved frequency discrimination. Compared to placebo, nicotine produced no overall effects on the two frequency related tasks, but significantly improved intensity discrimination, with more improvement obtained for those who had lower baseline performance. The present results support the hypothesis that nicotine enhances auditory processing, but this enhancement is task-dependent.
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  • Citation: Sun, S., Kapolowicz, M.R., Richardson, M. et al. Task-dependent effects of nicotine treatment on auditory performance in young-adult and elderly human nonsmokers. Sci Rep 11, 13187 (2021). doi: 10.1038/s41598-021-92588-z