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  • Nicotine has recently been shown to enhance measures of information processing speed including the decision time (DT) component of simple and choice reaction time and the string length measure of evoked potential waveform complexity. Both (DT and string length) have been previously demonstrated to correlate with performance on standard intelligence tests (IQ).
  • In this experiment we used the Raven Advanced Progressive Matrices (APM) test. APM scores were significantly higher in the smoking session compared to the non-smoking session, suggesting that nicotine acts to enhance physiological processes underlying performance on intellectual tasks.
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  • Citation: Stough, C., Mangan, G., Bates, T. et al. Smoking and raven IQ. Psychopharmacology 116, 382–384 (1994). doi: 10.1007/BF02245346
  • Key words: Intelligence, APM, Nicotine, Smoking Cholinergic system
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