Module:WikiProject quality assessment

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Documentation for this module may be created at Module:WikiProject quality assessment/doc

local p = {}
local class_mask = require('Module:Class mask')._main

local readarticleclass = function() -- look for article_class in page content
	local get_parameter_value = require("Module:Template parameter value").getValue
	local WPBSredirects = {'WikiProject banner shell','WikiProject banner shell/sandbox','Bannershell','Multiple wikiprojects','Project shell','Scope shell','WPB','WPBS','WPBannerShell','WP Banner Shell','WP banner shell','WikiProjectBannerShell','WikiProjectBanner Shell','WikiProjectBanners','WikiProject BannerShell','WikiProject Banner Shell','WikiProject Banners','WikiProject Banners Shell','WikiProject Shell','WikiProject banner','WikiProject banner shell/redirect','WikiProject shell','WikiprojectBannerShell','Wikiproject banner holder','Wikiproject banner shell','Wikiprojectbanners','Wikiprojectbannershell','Wpb','Wpbannershell','Wpbsgclass'}
	local target = mw.title.getCurrentTitle().prefixedText
	local success, result = get_parameter_value(target, WPBSredirects, "class", {ignoreSubtemplates=true})
	return success and result

local getclass = function(args)
	local class = '¬'
	if args.QUALITY_SCALE == 'inline' then
		class = args.class
	elseif args.QUALITY_SCALE == 'subpage' then
		if'/class').exists then
			local frame = mw.getCurrentFrame()
			class = frame:expandTemplate{title = args.BANNER_NAME..'/class', args = args}
		args.FQS = (args.QUALITY_SCALE == 'extended') and 'yes' or 'no'
		args[1] = args.class
		class = class_mask(args)
	return class

local isarticle = function(class)
	local nonarticleclasses = {'Template', 'File', 'Category', 'Disambig', 'Redirect', 'Portal', 'Project', 'Draft', 'Book', 'FM'} -- these classes will not be identified as conflicting with NA-class
	local article = true
	for _,v in ipairs(nonarticleclasses) do
		if class==v then -- class matches one of the non-article classes
			article = false
	return article

p.main = function(frame)
	local local_class = getclass(frame.args)
	local prefix, class = 'Y', local_class
	if local_class=='¬' then
		class = '¬'
	elseif frame.args.QUALITY_CRITERIA ~= 'custom' then -- project uses standard scale and will inherit article class if needed
		local article_class = frame.args.article_class or readarticleclass() -- checks parameter for testing purposes
		article_class = article_class and class_mask{article_class, ignorenamespace=frame.args.ignorenamespace} or '¬' -- normalise if not false
		if (article_class == '¬') or (article_class == '') then -- article class does not exist, display quality class in project banner as normal
		elseif (local_class == '') or (local_class == article_class) then -- article class and local class are the same, or local is not specified
			prefix = 'H' -- hide quality class in project banner
			class = article_class
		elseif (article_class == 'NA') and not isarticle(local_class) then -- article class and local class are both non-article classes
			prefix = 'H'
		else -- article class exists and differs from local class
			prefix = 'X' -- X will indicate to meta banner that classes are different, so trigger a tracking category
	return (frame.args.noprefix and '' or prefix) .. class

return p