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Information on Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR), Nicotine, and safer alternatives to using combustible cigarettes

We aim to provide information for interested members of the public (remember you are the 'public' in public health). This might include consumers, scientists and researchers, health workers, medical doctors, regulators, and journalists. Most of the time that links directly to the original science, we aim to provide useful summaries/comment where possible as a guide, we encourage you to read the full paper if you wish.

Finding Balance

In 2021, the American Journal of Public Health published the paper "Balancing Consideration of the Risks and Benefits of E-Cigarettes." It was written by 15 past presidents of the Society for Nicotine and Tobacco Research (SRNT). SRNT is the main global professional society for researchers who focus on nicotine and tobacco. Its mission is " stimulate the generation and dissemination of new knowledge concerning nicotine in all its manifestations - from molecular to societal." The paper discussed the contentious debate about tobacco harm reduction, with a focus on e-cigarettes.

Around the world, limits are being placed on people who smoke to help themselves stop smoking. There are many reasons for over-regulating and outright banning reduced-risk products. They include a moral panic over youth use, a false belief that THR products are a gateway to smoking, stigma about using nicotine, misinformation, click-bait media articles, and science riddled with mythological flaws (To learn more about these issues, please search this website). This is adversely affecting people's ability to save their own lives and improve their health by quitting smoking or preventing a return to smoking.

If after exploring the Safter Nicotine Wiki you feel compelled to help consumers in their efforts to have access to safer alternatives to combustible tobacco, please see our Advocating For Tobacco Harm Reduction page, which contains calls to action you can assist with. While some of our volunteers may fill an advocacy role outside of their efforts on the Safer Nicotine Wiki, we do not participate in or endorse/oppose any regulations as a group. It is outside our mission. We're here for educational purposes only. That information may include studies showing the outcomes of some regulations because it is always important to look at the goals and tradeoffs of any policy.

Tobacco Harm Reduction News

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The Latest News on THR, Vaping and Safer Nicotine

Here you will find the latest news and links to news about all nicotine products, regulations, etc.

How to explore:

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What is this?

This Wiki has been assembled by a team of keen volunteers, free of funding from any industry (tobacco or otherwise) source. If you would like to contribute to the expansion and evolution of this resource, please see the how to contribute section below. Remember: respected sources only.

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A few important questions are answered here without having to access the main menu:

Safe or Safer? Briefly, nothing is absolutely safe, but as the products continually evolve they become safer. Nicotine Replacement Therapy products such as patches, gums, sprays, and inhalers are substantially less than 1% as risky as smoking. Non-pharmaceutical nicotine products can also pose a fraction of the risk of smoking, e.g. Snus (approximately 1%), E-Cigarettes (less than 5%), and Heat not Burn (approximately 10%). These estimates become ever more refined as increasing numbers of research studies are published. Beyond the debate about nicotine tied to smoking and products used to quit smoking, science is also looking at potential therapeutic benefits of nicotine.

Links here for debunking myths Myth Busting provides links to info on anti nicotine claims and how to correct them.

Quit Aid The most frequently-used method to quit tobacco is 'cold turkey', i.e. unaided, but this has a greater failure rate than perhaps all others. It is very difficult to attribute a precise figure towards popular quit methods such as NRT, Varenicline (various trade names), Allen Carr, hypnotherapy, snus etc., as the usual medical standard of proof, the Randomised Controlled Trial, doesn't really cover certain options such as e-cigarettes adequately (as choices of all various combinations of flavour choice, nicotine strength, and device type are impossible to include). However, a recent RCT demonstrated that e-cigarettes were twice as effective as NRT for cessation (probably an underestimate of real world results). Like who knew the Pez dispenser was a quit aid?

Health Improvements Virtually everyone who used a safer nicotine product to quit cigerettes completely experiences profound improvement in their health, e.g. improved breathing and cardiovascular benefits. This is possibly due to totally removing the previous inhalation of carbon monoxide from the tobacco cigarette. Asthma and COPD patients have shown great recovery, see Health Improvements

Commentary from respected sources Many governments around the world recognise that Safer Nicotine Products offer benefits, along with respected organisations such as Public Health England, Royal College of Physicians, Cochrane, and NASEM (US). See Also: Commentary from experts

Cost Savings Vast savings are experienced; this is quite underappreciated by some members of the general public. It would be a gross underestimate to state that a 50% reduction in spending would be experienced by anyone who completely switches. For some users who make their own liquids and manufacture their own coils, costs can be less than 1% of what they would have incurred when smoking.

Our DIY page lists details and has links to important safety information, particularly for those new to making their own liquid. It also provides basic information on safe operation of vaping devices.

Don't forget the list of List of all pages if you can't find what you are looking for, try the Search page

How to Contribute

Find your local vaping group or organisation here: List of Tobacco Harm Reduction and Vaping Groups, worldwide

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