Battery safety

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Battery safety

Battery Safety

Battery safety is important!

Always inspect each battery for damage when placing it in the charger!

Always charge batteries with supervision!

Never leave the house or go to sleep while batteries are charging!

Use the correct charger, for loose cells eg 18650 a good quality charger must be used, for ecigs with built in battery only use the charger that came with the product!

For mods that charge from USB follow the instructions, these often are to only use the USB 'wall wart' charger that is supplied!

Never use damaged batteries, or batteries with damaged plastic wrap, buy a new wrap or battery!

If using a Mech mod know the maximum current the battery can supply, use ohms law when building coils, so as never to exceed the batteries maximum current (amperage)!

Never keep batteries in your pocket loose, always use a battery box or silicone sleeve!

If a battery won't hold a charge for more than a few hours, it is internally damaged, the insulation inside is breaking down, and should be recycled as soon as possible!

Don't drop or dent batteries, this can cause them to vent, and / or catch fire!

In a mod that takes 2 batteries, always use matched sets of batteries, the same manufacturer and model number of cell!

Keep batteries away from conductive metal parts e.g. keys or coins, nail files, tools etc!

Be especially careful in parallel mech mods to get the polarity correct!

Keep batteries away from small children!

More Information

Battery Safety – Making Peace With Power - Very informative guide with more information that what we've list above.

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