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Bot-set templates in {{Chembox}} and {{Drugbox}}
template Verified fields (parameter) Category 'changed' default
{{cascite}} CASNo=
changed CAS number CAS checkY checkY
{{ebicite}} ChEBI=, |ChEMBL= changed EBI identifier EBI checkY checkY
{{chemspidercite}} ChemSpiderID= changed ChemSpider identifier ChemSpider checkY checkY
{{drugbankcite}} DrugBank= changed DrugBank identifier DrugBank checkY checkY
{{keggcite}} KEGG= changed KEGG identifier KEGG checkY checkY
{{stdinchicite}} StdInChI=, |StdInChIKey=,
|InChIKey=, |InChI=
changed InChI identifier ChemSpider checkY checkY
{{fdacite}} UNII= changed FDA identifier FDA checkY checkY
{{chemboximage}} ImageFile[L/R]= changed Chembox image file (none) Red XN N/A
{{drugboximage}} not existing, not used (none) N/A Red XN