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This template gives the current daylight saving offset in Europe. The local time depends on the time zone. This template will automate the changes in daylight saving offset.

Summer Timeedit
Year Summer Time begins/ends[1]
Summer Time ends/begins[2]
2024 31 March 27 October
2025 30 March 26 October
2026 29 March 25 October
2027 28 March 31 October
2028 26 March 29 October
2029 25 March 28 October
2030 31 March 27 October

Please note that Iceland has not adopted this rule, and other countries (outside of Europe) might use the same start and end dates for daylight saving time.


  1. ^ Clocks go forward, value is changed from x to x+1.
  2. ^ Clocks go back, value is changed from x+1 to x.