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This template gives the current minute offset from UTC time for the given time zone.

It can be used in conjunction with {{Current hour offset in time zone}} to calculate the current time in a particular time zone. See below for the currently supported time zones.


{{Current minute offset in time zone|time zone}}


  • time zone is the desired time zone abbreviation (see below and also the list of time zone abbreviations);
    If no time zone is given or if the given time zone is not supported, then the output will default to 0;
    In this case, instead of giving a time zone, an offset (e.g. -30, 45, etc.) can also be given;
    This exact offset will then be used as the output (this functionality is merely included for template compatibility).

Supported time zones

Currently the following time zones are supported:

SDT - Abbreviations - DST Name SDT - Offset - DST Notes
HST Hawaii Standard Time UTC10:00 The minute offset of standard time does not differ from the minute offset of daylight saving time (DST; if applicable).
HAT or HAST HADT Hawaii-Aleutian Standard/Daylight Time UTC10:00 UTC09:00
AKT or AKST AKDT Alaska Standard/Daylight Time UTC09:00 UTC08:00
PT or PST PDT Pacific Standard/Daylight Time UTC08:00 UTC07:00
MT or MST MDT Mountain Standard/Daylight Time UTC07:00 UTC06:00
SKT or SKST Saskatchewan Standard Time UTC06:00
CT or CST CDT Central Standard/Daylight Time UTC06:00 UTC05:00
ET or EST EDT Eastern Standard/Daylight Time UTC05:00 UTC04:00
AT or AST ADT Atlantic Standard/Daylight Time UTC04:00 UTC03:00
NT or NST NDT Newfoundland Standard/Daylight Time UTC03:30 UTC02:30
GMT BST Greenwich Mean Time /
British Summer Time
UTC+00:00 UTC+01:00
WET WEST Western European (Summer) Time UTC+00:00 UTC+01:00
CET CEST Central European (Summer) Time UTC+01:00 UTC+02:00
EET EEST Eastern European (Summer) Time UTC+02:00 UTC+03:00
AWT or AWST Australian Western Standard Time UTC+08:00
ACT or ACST ACDT Australian Central Standard/Daylight Time UTC+09:30 UTC+10:30
AET or AEST AEDT Australian Eastern Standard/Daylight Time UTC+10:00 UTC+11:00
KST Korea Standard Time UTC+09:00
JST Japan Standard Time UTC+09:00
NZT or NZST NZDT New Zealand Standard/Daylight Time UTC+12:00 UTC+13:00

Time zone map


*{{Current minute offset in time zone|CET}}


  • 0

*{{Current minute offset in time zone|ACT}}


  • 30

*{{Current minute offset in time zone|NT}}


  • -30

*{{Current minute offset in time zone|45}}


  • 45

*{{Current minute offset in time zone}}


  • 0

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