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About us?

The Vaping Today is the first daily, independent, online and free publication, specialized in the universe of low-risk alternative products for nicotine consumption, with an international focus, but dedicated to the Ibero-American public. A specialized publication that arises from the conviction that the systematic burden of misinformation and misinformation in traditional media is the real danger to public health, and that consumers deserve a publication dedicated to them. This is how we created Vaping Today, to reduce the damage of misinformation and generate positive impacts on our societies.

The Vaping Today is made by a team of ex-smokers and vapers who personally know the benefits and challenges that come with the decision to switch from smoking to vaping. And one of the main challenges has always been having access to accurate and easily accessible information.

We are based on the values ​​of transparency, solidarity and professional ethics to produce journalism that is combative, informative and generates knowledge.