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What does this blog want?

This blog is impartial (mostly), critical, satirical and written by a steamer who is neither a scientist nor a doctor or a lawyer. To caress my ego, I could rightly claim to be very well informed ... I could.

Important: This blog is absolutely non-commercial, it only serves to satisfy my need for recognition.

If this blog gives you something ... you're welcome, keep it. If you don't like the blog, it's a free world and time is precious ... so don't waste yours on my blog.

For everything that is on, it is only my opinion and can and will contain errors. Whoever believes me is your own fault.

Who am I?

A steamer ... not the one with a large chimney and water underneath, the one with the “E” in front of it ... which was previously a smoker, also for reasons of enjoyment. Pipes and cigars were my passion, but a flat “Lucky” in the Suff can also be ... but that had nothing to do with enjoyment. I never wanted to stop. Then came the e-steam and was simply better ... much more taste, much more comfortable, much more practical, much cleaner, much more playful and in the end even much cheaper.

I am a “do-it-yourself” and “do-it-yourself mixer”, I like freedom, individuality and independence when vaping. Vaping is analog “open source” ... Eureka!

I don't have any nicotine in my liquids, even if I don't think it's dangerous or harmful. Right from the start I was on “zero”, it just tastes better and I always have to cough from nicotine ... impractical.

What is NetzBlick?

My attempt to bring order to chaos. Here you can find information and links about what has appeared in the media, blogs and magazines today about vaping online. Sometimes a lot, sometimes nothing.

You can't expect completeness here either ... Have you ever looked at the world wide thing? Lick my tail, that's big.

The Netzblick is not a recommendation! You have to see for yourself whether things are good or completely shit. I just tell you that they are there and at most add my mustard every now and then ... if you just have to.

By the way, you visit all links at your own risk. That's Lebbe.