E-Cigarette Research Forum

There exists a UK-based E-Cigarette Research Forum that has participation by the University of Edinburgh,UKCTAS,Cancer Research UK

They provide on a monthly basis a Research Briefing - the purpose of which is summarised below

This research briefing is part of a series of monthly updates aiming to provide an overview of new studies on electronic cigarettes. The briefings are intended for researchers, policy makers, health professionals and others who may not have time to keep up to date with new findings and would like to access a summary that goes beyond the study abstract. The text below provides a critical overview of each of the selected studies then puts the study findings in the context of the wider literature and research gaps.

The studies selected and further reading list do not cover every e-cigarette-related study published each month. Instead, they include high profile studies most relevant to key themes identified by the UK Electronic Cigarette Research Forum; including efficacy and safety, smoking cessation, population level impact and marketing. For an explanation of the search strategy used, please see the end of this briefing.

To read each months output that goes back in time to March 2015 look here

For a monthly subscription request ask tobaccocontrol@cancer.org.uk