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Old farts vaping collection
Old farts vaping collection

Old Farts Vaping is an advocacy idea to show that most current vapers are not young people. The bulk of users are in fact adults, youth make up less than 1 in 10 regular vapers.

Youth Vaping is discussed in detail on these pages: Youth Epidemic and ENDS Youth & Young Adults. See those for more information. TL/DR: 90% of the attention goes to youth, who make up less than 10% of the users of the product; that is crazy!

The disconnect between public perception and reality: A graph showing 480,000 deaths a year cause no public concern, that 17M users are adults and unnoticed, and a tiny bar showing that teens hardly use the product (2.5M) cause huge concern and panic.
The disconnect between public perception and reality

The idea was from Charles Gardner originally but has turned into a group effort, using the hashtag #OldFartsVaping on Twitter. Image submissions are welcome, and encouraged please see details at the bottom of the page on how to do that...

The images below may be used freely for advocacy posts or any other medium. The hashtag #OldFartsVaping or a link to this page are sufficient attribution under Creative Commons attribution 4.0, please refer to the individual files for any other information.

Golden Oldies Capital Tour Video (YouTube)

Please forward your image submissions to @Southernvaper1 on Twitter, Thanks!

Images and video may also be sent by email to info@safernicotine.wiki, please make it clear they are for this page, thanks!

Note that there is a limit of 45MB per video file, depending on the compression that gives roughly 5-8 mins. Emails bigger than 50MB will bounce, so please check before sending. Thanks!

Other sites in support of #OldFartsVaping

Ecigclick covered this excellent scheme in one of their articles "Old Farts Vaping" and encouraged others to join in! Please see their site for possible further materials to use.