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Ecigclick Logo
Ecigclick Logo


Ecigclick are an online Vape hub and we provide Vape News, Reviews of various vaping devices, E-liquid, vaporisers and CBD products plus details of upcoming vape gear.

The People

The owner Jonny created the site in 2011 and it now receives approx 230,000 visitors to the site per month.

The editor Michelle is a Trustee of the New Nicotine Alliance.

Mission and Purpose

We cover UK and Worldwide news in Nicotine Harm Reduction, mainly focusing on the UK.

Also we will be creating a page related to harm reduction events and Expo's - so please get in touch for any partnership options.

The team consist of vapers who are passionate about the harm reduction potential of vaping and we have all used vaping to quit combusted tobacco. We can always help and guide people in the right direction when they want to swap smoking for vaping.

We have many guides to the complex terminology which can be daunting to new vapers and we also list our favourite products in each category that have been reviewed on the website.

External Links

You can find us on social media

Twitter: @ecigclick

Facebook: Ecigclick

On our website