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Talk about the site admin

Site notes

  • Fixed: Thumbnail generator did not support .jpg images it now does
  • Fixed: Webserver in paranoid mode disables unknown links
  • Fixed: Email, it comes from but im fed up of mail server configs
  • Fixed: Upload of eg PDF files
  • Fixed: Licence options for uploaded files
  • Fixed: Email goes out to users when pages are edited, you can turn it off in settings if it bothers you
  • Fixed: Upload file size set to 50 Megabytes
  • Fixed: Email verification of account creators turned on
  • Fixed: Capchas added
  • Added: Embed Video extension
  • Added: Realtime Blackhole lists for spam,
  • Fixed: Fixed (disabled) the visual editor as it seems the errors were putting people off
  • Added: Masses of templates from wikipedia
  • Added: admin scripts under special pages: Maintenance
  • Changed: LUA engine now native not php based
  • Added: Abuse filter
  • Added: Support for 3d models for 3d printing
  • Updated: Mediawiki 3.65 installed
  • Updated: kernel updated to latest available, hardware maintenance done
  • added: off site backups
  • updated to mediawiki 3.65.1
  • removed all users without edits
  • Visual editor finally working 
  • Upgraded router and tweaked webserver

test Area

Test of embed video

Examples of embed video

Example #1

  • For example, a video from YouTube use the 'youtube' service selector enter either the raw ID: {{#ev:youtube|pSsYTj9kCHE}}
  • Or the full URL: {{#ev:youtube|}}

Example #2

  • To display the same video as a right aligned large thumbnail with a description:
  • {{#ev:youtube||1000|right|Let eet GO|frame}}
  • For YouTube to have the video start at a specific time code utilize the urlargs(URL arguments) parameter. Take the rest of the *URL arguments from the custom URL and place them into the urlargs. Please note that not all video services support extra URL *arguments or may have different keys for their URL arguments.


Example #3

  • Creating a video list for Youtube. This allows you to queue a set of video in a temporary playlist. Use the 'youtubevideolist` *service selector:
  • {{#ev:youtubevideolist|-D--GWwca0g|||||playlist=afpRzcAAZVM,gMEHZPZTAVc,lom_plwy9iA,BSWYMQEQhEo,EREaWhXj4_Q}}