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Documentation for this module may be created at Module:A or an/words/doc

return {
	vNums = { -- Numbers prefixed by 'an'
		'1[18]..', -- Assumes it's a year
	cvWords = { -- Words beginning with a consonant letter but prefixed by 'an'
	cvWordsUS = { -- Words prefixed by 'an' only in American English
		-- 'Herbivore', 'herbivorous', etc. vary but pronunciations with /h/
		-- seem to be more--or at least equally--common.
	cvAcronyms = { -- Acronyms beginning with F/H/L/M/N/R/S/X but prefixed by 'a'
	vvAcronyms = { -- Acronyms not beginning with F/H/L/M/N/R/S/X but prefixed by 'an'
	vcWords = { -- Words beginning with A/E/I/O/U but prefixed by 'a'
	vvWords = { -- Exceptions to the above