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2020: Impact of Electronic Cigarettes on Oral Health: a Review

Several self-reported and randomized studies suggest that e‑cigarettes are a harm-reduction strategy that may improve the oral and general health of smokers and may contribute to smoking cessation. Based on the available literature, it is possible to recommend the use of e‑cigarettes as a temporary alternative for harm reduction and as an aid to smoking cessation.

2019: A Comparison of Flavorless Electronic Cigarette-Generated Aerosol and Conventional Cigarette Smoke on the Planktonic Growth of Common Oral Commensal Streptococci

A potential implication of these results is that flavorless E-liquids and their generated aerosol induce less tooth decay and periodontal disease than traditional cigarette smoke. A case for improving oral health (and overall health) could be made by federal health regulatory agencies for promoting the use of electronic nicotine delivery systems over the use of traditional cigarettes as a means of harm reduction.

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