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2022: Electronic cigarettes: an update on products, regulation, public health approaches and oral health

  • Regulatory approaches vary considerably around the world but in the UK and Europe, e-cigarettes are regulated as consumer or medicinal product, and their use is permitted. In the UK, e-cigarettes have increasingly been supported by public health institutions for smoking cessation as part of a Tobacco Harm Reduction strategy.
  • The potential harms (including to oral health) from e-cigarette use are likely to be much less than from tobacco cigarettes.

2019: A Comparison of Flavorless Electronic Cigarette-Generated Aerosol and Conventional Cigarette Smoke on the Planktonic Growth of Common Oral Commensal Streptococci

  • A potential implication of these results is that flavorless E-liquids and their generated aerosol induce less tooth decay and periodontal disease than traditional cigarette smoke.
  • A case for improving oral health (and overall health) could be made by federal health regulatory agencies for promoting the use of electronic nicotine delivery systems over the use of traditional cigarettes as a means of harm reduction.

2019: Effect of nicotine on human gingival, periodontal ligament and oral epithelial cells. A systematic review of the literature

  • According to findings from in vitro studies, nicotine, at levels found in tobacco smokers, nicotine replacement therapy users and e-cigarette users, is unlikely to be cytotoxic to human gingival and periodontal cells, though saliva levels in smokeless tobacco users may be high enough to achieve cytotoxicity. There was limited and contradictory evidence for nicotine effects on cell attachment, proliferation and inflammatory mediator production.

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2020: Effectiveness of nicotine patch for the control of pain, oedema, and trismus following third molar surgery: a randomized clinical trial

  • The positive findings in the present study in surgeries performed under local anaesthesia are in agreement with data from systematic reviews that have reported the effectiveness of nicotine in the control of postoperative pain following surgery under general anaesthesia.
  • This study establishes a new prevention and treatment modality regarding pain, oedema, and trismus in a versatile, convenient, safe, and effective form, thereby minimizing gastrointestinal and cardiovascular disorders caused by the use of anti-inflammatory drugs in third molar surgeries.
  • PDF Version
  • Citation: Landim FS, Laureano Filho JR, Nascimento J, do Egito Vasconcelos BC. Effectiveness of nicotine patch for the control of pain, oedema, and trismus following third molar surgery: a randomized clinical trial. Int J Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2020 Nov;49(11):1508-1517. doi: 10.1016/j.ijom.2019.08.013. Epub 2020 May 4. PMID: 32381373.
  • Acknowledgements: Funding - CAPES, Ministry of Education, Brazil

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