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11th June 2024

June Is Nicotine Pouch Awareness Month – Considerate Pouchers

From this year forward Considerate Pouchers will mark June as “Pouch Awareness Month” to raise awareness of this effective harm-reduction tool.

UKVIA Has Published “10 Vaping Truths” Factsheet!

To help respond to the current misinformation epidemic the UKVIA has published “10 vaping truths” factsheet.

Unfortunately as was seen in a recent worldwide survey, there are huge public misperceptions about the danger of vaping versus smoking.

You can download the full factsheet here.

It is a one page format with the 10 most important facts about vaping presented clearly with links to verification data.

IBVTA Responsible Vaping Manifesto Launched!

Yes it is general election “fever” in the UK and all parties are vying for your vote!

One issue that unites vapers is the hope whichever political party are in power in July will be sympathetic to vaping.

The IBVTA (Independent British Vape Trade Association) are calling all parties to work collaboratively to help design any proposed vaping policy, law or regulation.

You can download a copy of IBVTA Responsible Vaping Manifesto here.

29th May 2024

UK Tobacco & Vapes Bill Ditched (for now!)

Due to the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announcing a general election on July 4th it means some of the proposed legislation has had to be pushed aside.

The parliament as it stands will be dissolved as of 24th May 2024. Any bills which could not be completed before this are therefore cast aside.

It appears the Tobacco and Vapes bill is one that will not be put through the full process in time and will have to be discarded.

More info here

World Misperceptions of Vaping V Smoking

A new global survey has highlighted the world misperception regarding vaping v smoking risks.

The survey was conducted by Ipsos and We Are Innovation and 27,000 people who smoke in 28 countries participated.

Ecigclick reported on it here

You can visit the introduction page here and view the full findings in PDF format here.

2024 ASH Survey on Vaping

ASH have collected this data since 2013 so it provides a great insight into the vaping and smoking habits of the UK.

The survey in question is the ASH Smokefree survey and there are 2 categories – adults and youth.

You can view the presentation created for the E-cig Summit (US) held on 14th May 2024 here.

Also the associated press release from ASH can be found here.

World Vape Day 30th May

Time for World Vape Day 2024 – this year it is to be held on 30th May!

This day is to celebrate harm reduction efforts and falls just one day before the “World No Tobacco Day” created by WHO (World Health Organisation).

12th April 2024

NO VAPE TAX Campaign Launch!

No Vape Tax website campaign logo

The No Vape Tax campaign has been launched today! You can visit it here

It is a joint collaboration between the NNA (New Nicotine Alliance) and

The No Vape Tax website tells you various ways you can get your voice heard.

The site guides you through how to respond to the public consultation, or you can send your story to be displayed on the homepage.

Plus it suggests emailing your own MP with a link to help you find out who to write to.

Please get involved as this will be a disaster for vapers and those using vaping to stop smoking. Higher nicotine e-liquids will be taxed the heaviest and these are what most people will need to help quit smoking. Also it is another blow to those suffering with the cost of living.

20th March 2024

UK Tobacco & Vapes Bill 2024

Today the UK Government published their Tobacco & Vapes bill 2024 and it is not great news for vapers.

Ecigclick have covered the contents and impacts for vapers here:

You can read the bill in full here:

Also there is a summary with regard to vaping here:

Responses have so far come in from...

10th March 2024

UK Vaping Products Duty Public Consultation Launched

The UK government are to introduce a vape tax – otherwise known as the “Vaping Products Duty“ in 2026. More here on Ecigclick :

Image showing e-liquid prices with new tax applied
Vape Tax Examples

A public consultation has been launched which will gather views on the tax proposals and their structure.

I urge all UK vapers and those in the vape industry – especially retailers – to take part and help amend this extortionate policy to something more suitable.

As a principle the addition of tax is understandable. But I think the level of taxation is far too heavy and – to put it mildly – it is greedy.

For instance in the image you can see examples of how a 10ml bottle of 20mg nicotine strength e-liquid which currently retails for £3.99 will increase to £6.99 once the tax is applied. Also a 100ml bottle of nicotine free (shortfill) e-liquid which is currently £9.99 will increase to double the price at £19.99 with the new tax (£1 per 10ml). It is shocking.

How To Take Part

You can view the summary document here, it covers the background of the proposals and lists the questions which will be included in the consultation.

When responding ask yourself these questions…

  • Will this put you off vaping and make you return to smoking?
  • Will you buy e-liquids from the Black Market (i.e. no tax applied?)
  • If you need high nicotine strengths will you have to cut down to a lower strength thus risking your attempt to stay away from tobacco?
  • If you are considering switching from tobacco to vaping – is this increase in price less of an incentive to switch?
  • Do you agree with the tax? If so would a more reasonable rate (i.e. £1 per bottle regardless of strength or volume) be acceptable?
  • Will this system stop underage vapers?
  • Will this be damaging to your business (retailers)?
  • How much will it cost you to implement the new tax (retailers), i.e. altering displays, repricing stock, amending POS systems?

To send your response download the response form in Word format here

Then email the completed form to with “Vaping Products Duty consultation response” as the subject.

If you want to comment further or discuss topics in more depth, written submissions are also accepted.

Make sure to respond by the 29th May 2024.

6th March 2024

UK Vaping Products Levy (vape tax) announced

Proposed nicotine tax on e-liquid rates
Proposed nicotine tax on e-liquid rates

Unfortunately today in his Spring Budget announcement, the Chancellor has stated that vaping products will be subject to tax.

This will apply to e-liquids and the rate will depend on the nicotine strength.

We have covered this, with an explanation of how and when this tax will take place, plus various reactions from the vaping industry and advocates.

We will try to keep this up to date as new reactions are published.

5th March 2024

UK Proposing A Vape Tax?

Is there a new "Vape Tax" on the horizon for the UK? We await the Spring Budget announcement due Wednesday 6th March 2024.

In the meantime here is what we know so far, including responses from UKVIA, NNA, WVA & WeVape :

29th January 2024

UK Government bans disposable vapes

The UK Government today announces a ban on disposable vapes, restrictions on packaging & flavours, further enforcement action and a generational ban on buying tobacco. All covered here in Ecigclick:

You can read the full UK Government press release here

So far the UKVIA ( ) and WVA ( ) have published their responses.

Here is the response from the NNA (New Nicotine Alliance)

The government has also published the consultation outcome

10th November 2023

COP10 FCTC Postponed Until 2024!

Due to unrest in Panama and the fact there was nobody to organise the conference, the COP10 FCTC scheduled for 20-25th November has been postponed until 2024! More here in Ecigclick -

7th November 2023

Ecigclick Chats To Colin Mendelsohn

Ecigclick chats to another passionate THR Superstar - Colin Mendelsohn!! Read more here -

4th November 2023

Ecigclick Chats To Kim Skip Murray

Ecigclick highlights another THR Superstar - Kim Skip Murray -

Ecigclick Chats To Kurt Yeo

In another THR Superstar interview we throw the spotlight on Kurt Yeo from Vaping Saved My Life -

How To Spot A Dodgy Vape

Following on from a Tweet by Lincolnshire Trading Standards, Ecigclick have created a guide on how to spot illegal and counterfeit vapes -

22nd October 2023

Ecigclick Chats To Richard Pruen - Main Man Behind Safer Nicotine Wiki

Read all about the man behind the screens who keeps the wiki running, find out if he vapes and his opinions on THR worldwide -

COPWATCH Find Sneaky Hidden Files For COP10 Delegates

The group COPWATCH have come across some files for COP10 FCTC delegates which were not published with the rest of the agenda items. They cover Disposable Vapes and Nicotine Pouches and are apparently not very erm... scientific...

Read about this on Ecigclick plus links to the files -

And the COPWATCH article -

Respect Vapers Ireland Call To Action

A new public consultation on vaping is due to be launched on 7th November 2023 by the Irish Government. Please urge people to get involved when it is live.

More here on Ecigclick -

WVA Call For UK Public To "Save Flavours, Save Disposables"

In response to the UK Smoking and Vaping public consultation, the WVA are asking people to get involved and take part in the survey.

More here on Ecigclick -

Visit the WVA campaign page here -

Take part in the consultation here before the 6th December 2023 -

Guide to the consultation and how to get involved -

UKVIA Launch Sustainable Vaping Week

To try and counteract the waste from vapes, especially disposables, the UKVIA have created a sustainable vaping week, plus their own "Recycle Vapes" information hub.

More here on Ecigclick -

Sustainable vaping week info -

Recycle Vapes information hub for vapers and industry -

13th October 2023

The UK Government Consultation On Smoking & Vaping 2023

The UK Government has published a public consultation on Smoking & Vaping to help shape future regulation.

It is important that all safer nicotine users take part and tell their own story. Their own experience is evidence.

Ecigclick have a summary here and a guide to participation -

Documents on the Gov website cover the consultation and explain the questions and topics...

You can partake in the consultation here -

UKVIA has published a statement in response -

IBVTA have also published their response -

10th October 2023

The UK Government to stand up for vaping at COP10?

An article in The Sun - states that the UK will fight for vaping at COP10 and will urge other countries to follow their example -

UKVIA To Launch Vape Recycling Information Hub plus "Sustainable Vaping Week" from 16th October

More info here at Ecigclick -

Or read the UKVIA press release -

EU Proposing To Ban Nicotine Pouches?

WVA Press Release - "A leaked report from the European Commission proposing to ban nicotine pouches questions EU smoke-free goals"

4th October 2023

Rishi Sunak cracks down on Smoking & Youth Vaping

Today the UK government announced plans to reduce tobacco smoking and youth vaping.

Summarised here on Ecigclick -

View the whole government paper here -

Various organisations have published responses...

IBVTA – IBVTA welcomes tobacco phase out but highlights role of vapes as smoking cessation tool.

WVA (World Vapers’ Alliance) – Sunak’s cigarette ban misses the point on reducing smoking rates.

London Tobacco Alliance – London Tobacco Alliance Response To Rishi Sunak’s Announcement On Smoking.

ASH – APPG Smoking & Health and ASH Welcome Rishi Sunak’s Announcement On Smoking.

Science Media Centre – Expert Reaction To Rishi Sunak’s Announcement On Smoking.

29th September 2023

The Case For Flavours in THR?

Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos has updated his paper on "The case for flavours in tobacco harm reduction, to save lives" -

Restricting Vape Flavours Results In Increased Cigarette Sales

A new study -

22nd September 2023

Ireland Disposable Vape Ban?

It is looking very likely there will be a ban on disposable vapes on the way in Ireland soon, on top of additional regulations.

More here at Ecigclick -

Also the WVA have published a press release in response -

15th September 2023

Global Vape Alliance Launched

A new Global Vape Alliance has been launched.

"The Global Vape Alliance for the first time brings together major international vaping bodies including the Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee of the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce (ECCC), the US Vapor Technology Association (VTA), the “UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA)” and the Independent European Vape Alliance (IEVA)."

Above quoted from the Press release from UKVIA -

Global Vape Alliance website -

A summary here from Ecigclick -

12th September 2023

Is there a UK disposable vape ban on the horizon?

Read more on Ecigclick -

Includes responses from the WVA, NNA, UKVIA, IEA , IBVTA .

Cochrane compares different methods of Cigarette Cessation

Spoiler - vaping comes out as the most effective!!

Summary here -

1st September 2023

UKVIA Ends Tobacco Company Membership

In a press release today the UKVIA (UK Vaping Industry Association) announced they would no longer accept large tobacco companies as members.

Read the press release here on ecigclick

Or the UKVIA website

17th August 2023

How Come Sweden Is Almost Smoke Free?

Smoke Free Sweden have issued a new report on how they are close to the Smoke free goal of 5% or less smoking rate - an interesting read and they say...

"This follow-up report is a call to the WHO and global public health to study the harm reduction strategies so successfully employed by Sweden"

Read the PDF report here

10th August 2023

New Study - Smokers would appreciate Health Care Interventions to help them transition to vaping

Ecigclick have reported on the new study showing how smokers / vapers would react to different health care interventions to aid them to quit / stay away from smoking -

You can also view the study here

9th August 2023

New Study - Smokers Switching To Vapes Could Save NHS More Than £500m A Year

A new study has been published from the Brunel University London.

Ecigclick have covered it here...

The article from the Brunel website is here's-adult-smokers-vaped-instead

The full study is online - but behind a paywall

3rd August 2023

ASH UK - E-cigarette Use In Great Britain 2023 Results

ASH UK have published the results of their e-cigarette use in Great Britain survey - read the full results here

Also you can read their press release here

Sadly 4 in 10 smokers are scared of vaping.

Ecigclick have written an article summarising the main points here

Various responses have already been published.

The IBVTA have published a press release -

Various health professionals have made excellent responses -

The NNA have also responded

To help counteract the negative perception of vaping, ASH UK have produced an great "Mythbusting" article on all the common myths -

I know ASH UK policies are not always popular with vapers but at least they see vaping for the benefit of accelerating the decrease in smoking rate. Unlike some of their counterparts – cough – ASH Scotland…ASH USA

They are generally sympathetic to vaping and see it as an important tool to reduce smoking in the UK and in a recent Health and Social Care committee - the Chief Exec of ASH UK - Deborah Arnott - was one of the few actually talking sense and sticking up for vaping in the horrific first panel.

If you want to see more responses by various organisations / experts - I have summarised them here in our Article -

Other Vape News this week...

Vapes performed better than NRT in helping pregnant smokers quit - new study -

The UK branch of Cochrane is to close -

The WVA have responded to the latest dollop of misinformation oozing from the WHO -

31st July 2023

Crazy News Headlines on Vaping!

Some absolutely crazy articles started appearing in the UK media regarding the horrific disease - "Vape Tongue" - total lies -

A great study looked into ways to help smokers transition to vaping, overcoming obstacles including access, advice and the negative perception -

ASH UK published their survey results on the opinion of Tobacco and Vaping control in the UK -

24 Mar 2022

exposes for the first time that most e-cigarette research is flawed and in need of urgent critical reform

28 Dec 2021

E-cigarettes may help you quit smoking, even if you don’t want to

19 Dec 2021

The unrelenting assault on vaping is taking a toll

Vape Predictions 2022 | 18 Experts Share Their Thoughts

17 Dec 2021

No more doubts: e-cigs are less toxic than traditional cigarettes


15 Dec 2021

The Importance of Product Choice

10 Dec 2021

Number of people vaping in the UK rises to highest-ever level

6 Dec 2021

Groups allegedly funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies accused of demonizing vaping bill

Does vaping really damage DNA and increase the risk of cancer?

30 Nov 2021

Fylde GP promoting vaping to help smokers quit

Yorkshire Cancer Research welcomes inclusion of vaping products in NICE guidelines

18 Oct 2021

Vaping, e-cigarettes: 100 global experts call on WHO FCTC to embrace ‘low-risk’ products

15 Oct 2021

Heated Denver Council Hearing Debates Vape Flavors Ban

14 Oct 2021

Michigan Drops Its Vape Flavor Ban, But Advocates Wary of What’s Next

‘Kooky’ vape rules may miss the mark

13 Oct 2021

Thai Minister’s Support For Vaping ‘goes Global’

FDA Approves an E-Cigarette for the First Time but Still Seems Bent on Banning the Flavors Former Smokers Overwhelmingly Prefer

11 Oct 2021

Embrace new evidence-based tobacco control to save lives

10 Oct 2021

Stand up to EU! Boris urged to use Brexit freedoms to end e-cigarette ban fears

Scientists push for tobacco harm reduction policies

09 Oct 2021

Can prohibition work? The battle over the government’s tough new vaping ban

08 Oct 2021

Respecting the Agency of Smokers: the Liberalism of Harms Reduction and the Illiberalism of Prohibitionism

06 Oct 2021

Nicotine-vaping law change criticised by ex-smokers

Federal Health Agencies Confused About Statistics, Policymakers Should Pay More Attention

Smoke and Mirrors: Orwellian Echoes of 1984

24 Sep 2021

Vaping vs. Tobacco Smoking: What The FDA Is Getting Wrong

23 Sep 2021

The Media Needs to Get Vaping Right on the First Try

22 Sep 2021

The FDA has decimated the e-cigarette market

Vaping And Mental Health: Does Nicotine Use Cause Teen Depression?

According to Data from the CDC, Youth Vaping Has Not Led to Smoking

21 Sep 2021

Vaping Works If Governments Allow It To

Bureaucrats, Democrats are needlessly killing a powerful anti-smoking tool

16 Sep 2021

Multinational company plans to launch smoke-free products in Pakistan

Experts: Proposed e-cigarette tax could drive teens to more harmful products

15 Sep 2021

Nine of 10 Filipino smokers want better alternatives to cigarettes, survey says

14 Sep 2021

E-cigarettes: misconceptions about their dangers may be preventing people from quitting smoking

Cochrane Review Update: Electronic cigarettes for smoking cessation

Do vape companies targets teens? A perspective

13 Sep 2021

New York State Department of Health Announces Lowest Youth Cigarette Smoking Rate on Record - E-Cigarette Use Among Youth Also Declined in 2020

11 Sep 2021

Don't Rush FDA's Vaping Products Review — The process must be based in evidence, not politics

09 Sep 2021

AG Miller's statement on FDA's vaping actions 'Let’s not forget the overwhelming risk to public health'

Vaping Works. International Best Practices

Social media misinformation about e-cigarettes is harmful for smokers

Taxing e-cigarettes could have adverse consequences

New Smoking Pandemic Lurking As FDA Prepares Its Decision On E-Cigarettes

08 Sep 2021

FDA needs to embrace vaping’s potential to improve public health

06 Sep 2021

Top Tobacco Researchers: It’s Time to Re-Think Anti-Vape Policies

03 Sep 2021

The FDA Is Set To Unintentionally Push Quitters Back to Smoking

The Vaping Industry as We Know It May Soon Disappear

02 Sep 2021

E-cigarettes: misconceptions about their dangers may be preventing people from quitting smoking

01 Sep 2021

Congress Must Rein in Federal Agencies

24 Aug 2021

Who Should Government Trust on Health, a Lawyer or a Public Health Professor?

22 Aug 2021

Blurring the Line Between Righteousness and Health

19 Aug 2021

Balancing Consideration of the Risks and Benefits of E-Cigarettes