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24 Sep 2021

Vaping vs. Tobacco Smoking: What The FDA Is Getting Wrong

23 Sep 2021

The Media Needs to Get Vaping Right on the First Try

22 Sep 2021

The FDA has decimated the e-cigarette market

Vaping And Mental Health: Does Nicotine Use Cause Teen Depression?

According to Data from the CDC, Youth Vaping Has Not Led to Smoking

21 Sep 2021

Vaping Works If Governments Allow It To

Bureaucrats, Democrats are needlessly killing a powerful anti-smoking tool

16 Sep 2021

Multinational company plans to launch smoke-free products in Pakistan

Experts: Proposed e-cigarette tax could drive teens to more harmful products

15 Sep 2021

Nine of 10 Filipino smokers want better alternatives to cigarettes, survey says

14 Sep 2021

E-cigarettes: misconceptions about their dangers may be preventing people from quitting smoking

Cochrane Review Update: Electronic cigarettes for smoking cessation

Do vape companies targets teens? A perspective

13 Sep 2021

New York State Department of Health Announces Lowest Youth Cigarette Smoking Rate on Record - E-Cigarette Use Among Youth Also Declined in 2020

11 Sep 2021

Don't Rush FDA's Vaping Products Review — The process must be based in evidence, not politics

09 Sep 2021

AG Miller's statement on FDA's vaping actions 'Let’s not forget the overwhelming risk to public health'

Vaping Works. International Best Practices

Social media misinformation about e-cigarettes is harmful for smokers

Taxing e-cigarettes could have adverse consequences

New Smoking Pandemic Lurking As FDA Prepares Its Decision On E-Cigarettes

08 Sep 2021

FDA needs to embrace vaping’s potential to improve public health

06 Sep 2021

Top Tobacco Researchers: It’s Time to Re-Think Anti-Vape Policies

03 Sep 2021

The FDA Is Set To Unintentionally Push Quitters Back to Smoking

The Vaping Industry as We Know It May Soon Disappear

02 Sep 2021

E-cigarettes: misconceptions about their dangers may be preventing people from quitting smoking

01 Sep 2021

Congress Must Rein in Federal Agencies

24 Aug 2021

Who Should Government Trust on Health, a Lawyer or a Public Health Professor?

22 Aug 2021

Blurring the Line Between Righteousness and Health

19 Aug 2021

Balancing Consideration of the Risks and Benefits of E-Cigarettes

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