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What is this?

  • This Wiki has been assembled by a team of keen volunteers, free of funding from any source. It is the intention to continue assembling a wide-ranging collection of the most relevant and widely cited papers relating to Vaping, E-cigarettes, and all Safer Nicotine Products e.g. Snus. It would not be a credible source unless positive and negative studies are both included, provided they were well conducted, without bias, and propaganda-free. The initial plan has been expanded to increase the extent and scope of the wiki to include as many aspects that fall into the category.
  • Hopefully, a unique feature that will make this wiki a person-friendly experience is that highly technical papers and studies will receive a vastly simplified, unbiased summary of one or two paragraphs maximum in simple to understand language. We hope you both enjoy and appreciate the efforts of the volunteers. However, for this wiki to be a successful addition to any knowledge base, we strongly encourage contributions from any quarter, providing it is a published resource. Thousands of research papers exist on the topic of interest. The lazy cry of 'We just don't know enough' should be silenced forever, if this wiki proves to be a success in terms of content quantity and quality.