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These categories will take you to lists of all our pages belonging to each category.

Associated with TC/PH and THR

  • This category is a collection of people who have worked for or served on the boards of tobacco control / public health organizations or governmental departments. They have shown support for tobacco harm reduction products or have done research showing the advantages of THR over smoking.

Consumer Advocacy Organizations

  • Worldwide

Content Producers

  • Creators of Blogs, Videos, etc.

FAQ Question

Media - Movies, Videos, Vlogs, Blogs, OpEds, News, etc.

  • A collection of positive information about ENDS, that aren't studies

Myth Busting

  • Goes to prove you can't believe everything you hear.

People of note

  • Advocates, Scientists, Writers, and others who's effort involves nicotine.


  • People and organizations who influence or create THR and Tobacco regulations

Safety info

  • Important information on how to use safer nicotine products to prevent accidents, injuries, fires, or death

Studies, Surveys, and Papers

  • Science, science, and more science!


  • Glossary, Acronyms, and Abbreviations

Tobacco control groups

  • Groups working to end smoking (and sometimes safer nicotine products.

Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocacy Groups

  • Groups who's mission is to reduce the harm caused by smoking.