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What is this?

This Wiki has been assembled by a team of keen volunteers, free of funding from any source. If you would like to contribute to the expansion and evolution of this resource, please contact us at the links shown.

Remember: respected sources only.

Email: Create an Account Please see the details How to edit the wiki before proceeding, this has info on exactly what you need to do to avoid the spam traps.

Please note: we do not require funding, advertising revenue, partnerships, offer codes for our users, or the like. Such offers will be politely declined

Environmental information:

This Wiki is run on ARM hardware, and as such we believe, offers the best possible efficiency, as well as a host of energy saving features.

Energy used at the site is primarily on site solar PV, with battery storage, so as to continue when mains power isn't available we have a backup generator (if power from any other source is not available). During the winter months ocasional top-ups are required from mains electricity, only on days where the weather is very poor.