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Creating content is easy:

First you will need to wait for 3 days after creating an account, in that time any edits will be disallowed, most spam accounts try to post spam straight away, this helps us detect them.

We ask that you perform at least two edits, creating a user page for yourself counts as one, and another edit on the site. Edits in your personall sandbox won't count against anything. Once you have made two edits you will be able to post links and won't automagically be marked as spam. The edits you make will need to be patrolled initially (marked as good, by a trusted user) this is done daily, if not more often. Until then your edits will be heavily filtered and you may not post links to external sites, delete information, or make drastic changes.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but need to do this to prevent spam!

Please, please, please include a description (in the alt text field) of photographs/pictures or the text in them, if there is any, blind users using screen readers rely on those descriptions as they cannot see the photograph! Thank you for your consideration of less able folk.

Please see the following video that applies to wikipedia, Safer Nicotine Wiki uses the same software!