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He is a consumer. He smoked for 30+ years. He stopped smoking accidentally with vaping. He writes from a consumers perspective for consumers, about e-cigarette science, data, organizations, news and more.

His goal, in fact, his passion, is to blog to as many people as possible to present a fair, balanced opportunity for a consumer to understand safer alternatives to smoking, how and why they work or don’t. They can then make an informed and educated choice for themselves.

I include survey information, news stories, studies, science and data collected from a variety of sources on different types of “cessation” methods and… blog about them in what has been described by my friends across the pond at

His gritty distinctive style is ever-readable”.

After almost two years of being smoke-free, he was inspired to create and author “The Vaping Truth Survey” in 2014. This garnered over 7,000 participants worldwide from 72 countries.

He also created (with the help of others) the “Nicotine Addiction: An Open 30-Day Public Health Challenge…” and raised money for the team at

While no one met the criteria, the results of that challenge (and many links) are here.

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