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Any action of the Romanian state must be based on the good of the citizen and the scientific truth, not prejudices or obscure interests. Unfortunately, this very important principle was ignored when it came to ENDS-type products (ie Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems). We have had increases in excise duties, negative advertising on all channels, permanent obstacles in the way of consumers of these revolutionary products. The outcome? in 2020, the number of smokers in Romania has increased instead of decreasing, so that 30% of Romanians smoke.

It is time for a change, and we cannot expect it to come exclusively from the state. Until your voice, the voice of every consumer, is heard, policies in the field will continue to be made under pressure from anti-smoking NGOs as well as major cigarette manufacturers, with known results. If we want change, we need to get involved.

That's why we set up ACPAN (Association of Consumers of Alternative Nicotine Products), an organization that will promote the interests of every adult consumer of ENDS products. We must be present in public and at the table of discussions every time there are legislative debates. This is the only way we will convince the authorities of a truth that other western countries have already found: without the access of adults to a wide range of flavors and ENDS type devices, we will not have a significant decrease in the number of smokers in Romania. If you believe the same thing, leave us your details.