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Acvoda Foundation is a consumer organization founded by a group of users of electronic cigarettes.

We are convinced that electric smoking is a less harmful alternative to traditional tobacco use, which is why we believe that vaping should be an option available to every current and future smoker. For many of us, vaping has prevented us from inhaling burnt tobacco, meaning we no longer smoke cigarettes. On the other hand, we do vape, and we want to be able to continue to do so.

Acvoda is active in vaping and represents the interests of vapers. Sometimes these interests overlap with the interests of, for example, producers and sellers of electronic cigarettes, liquids or accessories; however, sometimes they go against that. (1)

The foundation and the board are completely independent, of course also financially.

Acvoda is an organization with the legal form of a foundation, with a number of working groups that consist of volunteers who are active, for example, on the online community and who underline our objectives.