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AddictO Vocabulary is an ontology of unambiguous terminology for addiction and e-cigarette research. It's effectively a definition-focused dictionary expressed in RDF/OWL format - a documentation scheme suitable for Semantic Web applications, search engines, and machine reasoning. It mainly classes different tobacco products, variation in vaping devices, and use patterns or purposes. It builds upon established classifications for chemical components and psychology concepts.

Notably it started as "E-CigO" terminology, but is now merged into a broader set of terms about addiction. It's developed and curated by Robert West, Sharon Cox, Caitlin Notley, Kirstie Soar, Janna Hastings, with funding from the Society for the Study of Addiction and Cancer Research UK. The project started as response to quality variance in existing research.

(Unclear: proposals are primarily sourced from Qeios definitions, e.g. for "dual use". Their document identifiers are not referenced in the RDF currently.)





Other ontologies:

The frontend website allows for browsing or lookup. For more detailed introspection on the RDF document, Protege could be used (open source and cross-platform).

A local in sync version exists here Category:ADDICO VOCAB and as properties in Semantic mediawiki


Cox, S, West, R, Notley, C, Soar, K, Hastings, J. (2022).

Toward an ontology of tobacco, nicotine and vaping products *Addiction*

DOI: 10.1111/add.16010 []