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The mission of Aiduce, an independent association of electronic cigarette users, is to represent and defend consumers of personal vaporizers (PV), more commonly known as electronic cigarettes. We defend its diversity and its potential for development as well as its free and responsible use, we work with national and international standardization bodies in order to offer consumers the choice of secure products. We invite you to browse our site where you will find all our press releases, our Mags and a census of professional and scientific studies and surveys.

Vaping is today threatened by freedom-killing laws. Aiduce works at several levels in order to allow everyone to have the choice of equipment and use that suits them.

It is clearly established today, by reports such as that of Public Health England or Paris sans Tabac, as by requests from tobacco specialists and addictologists, that vaping is also a major risk reduction tool.

Restricting its use, comparing vaping to tobacco, is sending a message of danger that vaping does not represent for a smoker.

It is to allow everyone to make an informed choice that we fight with the authorities, that we intervene at the request of doctors, that we bring the voice of vapers to the media.