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2020: Seeing COVID-19 through a cloud of cigarette smoke

  • The current generation of workers in tobacco control, predominantly those with master’s degrees in public health who work for health departments, has been led to believe that anti-smoking efforts began with the creation of The Truth campaign in the late-1990s as the result of the Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) between the state attorneys general and the tobacco industry that gives money to the states each year to fight smoking.
  • As for other funding to reduce smoking, Bloomberg Philanthropies awarded Johns Hopkins over $300 million to do more research and to support anti-smoking legislation around the world, as well as more than $100 million to the D.C.-based Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids for its anti-smoking lobbying and public education efforts. As with the government, engaging mass media education takes a back seat to the safe sinecure of research. The MSA-funded Truth campaign (formerly the American Legacy Foundation, established with $2.5 billion in settlement funds) also spends most of its budget on research, with a modest amount going for paid mass media, but with restrictions on the mention of tobacco company names and cigarette brand names.

2020: There's a right way and a wrong way to "Ditch JUUL"

2015: Next Chapter Begins As Tobacco Control Leader Becomes Truth Initiative

2015: 2015 Annual Report

2014: 990 Form 2014

2013: 2013 Annual Report

2010: Ohio Appellate Court Ruling a Major Setback for Efforts to Preserve Tobacco Funds, Protect the Health of Ohioans

  • "However, when we were asked to join the fight to safeguard these monies for their intended purpose, we considered it a moral imperative and still do. We will ask the Supreme Court to reinstate the trial court's injunction requiring that the funds be spent for tobacco control
  • In that ruling, the appeals court reversed a lower court's order permanently enjoining the State from dissolving the endowment of the Ohio Tobacco Prevention Foundation (OTPF).
  • Legacy, a national public health foundation created as a result of the Master Settlement Agreement (MSA), stepped forward in April 2008 to help safeguard the tobacco settlement dollars Ohio had set aside for tobacco control. After OTPF signed a contract with Legacy to preserve tobacco prevention and cessation efforts in the state, the legislature voted to abolish both OTPF and its endowment.

2009: The Truth About American Legacy

2008 - CTFK Annual Report - 2008

  • List as a donor to CTFK
  • Donors 16-18/24. Includes donations to CTFK AND TFKAF (Action Fund) (Not page numbers, they are document numbers)
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2006: THE YEAR AT A GLANCE. 2006 Annual Report

  • Includes list of who received grants that year