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The Colombian Association of Vapers (ASOVAPE) was formed on May 1, 2015 in the city of Bogotá, Colombia, being the first association of users of low-risk nicotine administration products in Latin America. Since its inception, its purpose has been to represent Colombian citizens of legal age who have found in low-risk, alternative nicotine delivery products the way to reduce the damage caused by smoking.

Asovape has been the point of reference for other consumer groups in other Latin American countries to group themselves into associations that bear the same name in most cases. Asovape led by its president Francisco Ordoñez have supported the creation of these organizations in 11 Latin American countries.

Asovape and its president were one of the managers of the creation of ARDT Iberoamérica made up of organizations from Spain (Anesvap), Mexico (Pro-Vape Mexico and Mexico and the Vaping World), Costa Rica (Asovape Costa Rica), Panama (ARDTP) , Venezuela (Asovape Venezuela - Associate), Ecuador (Asovape Ecuador), Peru (Asovape Peru), Chile (Asovape Chile), Argentina (Asovape Argentina), Paraguay (Asovape Paraguay) and Brazil (THR Brazil).

Asovape is also part of INNCO ( The International Network of Nicotine Consumer Organizations ), the International Network of Nicotine Consumer Organizations , being one of the pioneers in this organization and the first Latin American association to be part of this great network.

Asovape recently is also part of the World Vapers Alliance ( World Vapers Association) being also a pioneer association in being part of this organization, thus expanding its ties and cooperation with all organizations that defend tobacco harm reduction.

Asovape has fought tirelessly for differentiated and fair regulations of low-risk nicotine administration products, speaking before Colombian State agencies such as the Ministry of Health, the House of Representatives, with senators and representatives to the House exposing the scientific evidence and the arguments that have made it possible at times to stop regulations that affect consumer users of this type of lower-risk alternative products.

Asovape has participated in several fairs of the category in the city of Medellín, as well as has represented the country in scientific conferences and of activists to reduce the harm of smoking.

Asovape has carried out communication campaigns based on the scientific evidence available, speaking before the media and before the legislature, in user spaces. It also organized a large march of users in the city of Bogotá. Asovape's defense is based on the abundant scientific evidence that exists in favor of these products and how they have the potential to be a public health tool that can substantially reduce the rates of smoking and the deaths caused by this terrible disease.

What is the Asovape mission?

Asovape is an organization that advocates and promotes the reduction of the harm of tobacco, the proportional and differentiated regulation of low-risk nicotine delivery products and the free and legal access of these products. Asovape's role is to promote coordination and cooperation among member organizations, as well as with other international organizations. It also aims to promote and participate in specific projects both locally and regionally to help significantly reduce the number of people who die from smoking-related diseases each year.

Asovape's mission is to empower citizens who have taken as an alternative the use of low-risk nicotine delivery devices using research, education and advocacy, which will allow them to actively participate in the search for the reduction of the harm of tobacco in Colombia. To know all the objectives of Asovape you can consult article X of the statutes.

User submissions for campaigns and material to forward advocacy work:

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Acceptable material is video, images, testimonials and any information that shows the truth about vaping.