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This category is populated by the |abbreviation= parameter of {{Infobox journal}}. If you're interested in creating missing ISO 4 redirects:

  • Load up an article from the category.
  • One or more maintenance templates should be at the top of page, with links to create the relevant redirects and verify the abbreviations.
  • There are links in the maintenance templates to facilitate this.
  • |abbreviation= should contain dotted, title cased versions of the abbreviations (e.g. J. Phys., not J Phys or J. phys.). Anything that isn't an ISO 4 abbreviation should be removed from this field. Also verify that the dots are appropriate. Cell Biochem. Biophys. refers to Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics whereas Cell. Biochem. Biophys. would refer to Cellular Biochemistry and Physics which is a either a non-existent or different publication entirely.
  • Do not rely on your intuition save for basic patterns JournalJ. / FoobarologyFoobarol.. Someone may have made a mistake that seems fine at first glance, but isn't actually an ISO code (e.g. J. Bio. instead of the correct J. Biol. for Journal of Biology). Similar words may also have different ISO abbreviations (e.g. TheoreticalTheor. but Theory remains Theory.)
  • The abbreviation for single word titles (barring preposition/articles) is the title itself. E.g. for Science, the abbreviation is Science not Sci..
  • Articles (e.g. the), prepositions (e.g. of, in, on), and conjunctions (e.g. and) should be omitted.
  • "Journal of Foobar. Section/Part A" takes both J. Foo. A and J. Foo., Section/Part A as ISO abbreviations. J. Foo. A is preferred to the infobox, but all such redirects should be created.
  • If you search the LTWA website manually, put each word in the search box at the bottom, and delete characters until you get an exact match. This is not an exact match. This is an exact match. If you get "N.A." as a result, it means the word is to be presented in full. Also be mindful of languages, e.g., Depos. is correct for "Deposition" in German; however, in English that term has no abbreviation.
  • If |abbreviation= is wrong, fix it. The maintenance templates will then update themselves with the correct redirects to be created. The infobox will automatically italicize the abbreviation, so use J. Foo., not ''J. Foo.''.
  • If you cannot determine the correct abbreviation, or aren't sure, leave a message at WT:JOURNALS and someone will help you.
  • Use the link in the maintenance template to create the redirects and automatically tag them with {{R from ISO 4}}.
  • WP:NULL/WP:PURGE the original article to remove the maintenance templates.

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