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Considerate Pouchers - Nicotine Pouch Advocacy

Considerate Pouchers Logo
Considerate Pouchers Logo

Considerate Pouchers is a platform to represent Nicotine Pouch users.

They have representatives in the UK, Sweden and Germany.

Considerate Pouchers is supported by the Snus & Nicotine Pouch Users Alliance.

"Considerate Pouchers is a global advocacy group of like-minded nicotine pouch users passionate about ensuring that our safer nicotine product of choice is not banned or overregulated. We are a growing community with members worldwide, and we work together to protect our lifeline and educate society and policymakers about the role that pouches play in our lives. We currently have country leads in Sweden, the UK and Germany, and we are always looking to add more as people volunteer in different countries"

Visit their website here