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The Danish e-Steamers Association (DADAFO) is a private association that wants to inform about e-steam and look after the interests of the steamers.

The association was founded on February 10, 2013 - and has since experienced great membership growth.

DADAFO is registered in the EU Transparency Register, with identification number: 220201831871-76

Declaration of Independence / Conflicts of Interest

DADAFO is a non-profit consumer organization that works for the consumers of e-steam interests and living conditions - ie. we receive NO support, either from the tobacco, pharmaceutical or e-cigarette industry. As such, the association is financially independent. The association is run by a board, elected by the association's members. A membership fee of DKK 120 per person is paid annually. member. All board members and members of committees etc. work pro bono / voluntarily, without any form of payment for their services / efforts / work.


To acquire correct knowledge about e-steam and keep this knowledge up to date and pass it on to society through public information, be the negative as well as positive, and to collaborate with others who work for correct information about e-steam both nationally and internationally.

On this page you can download an information leaflet - which briefly and precisely tells about what e-steam is - print it out and share it with your family members, colleagues and friends who do not yet know anything about the steam. The leaflet can be printed on a double-sided A4. There is also additional information material under the menu item "