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From the ATHRA FAQ - that can be found here: [1]

The basics

What is tobacco harm reduction?

What is vaping?

Why do people vape?

How many Australians vape?

Is vaping legal in Australia?

Safety and health

Are e-cigarettes less harmful than smoking?

Is it fair to say that vaping is likely to be at least 95% lower risk than smoking?

Additional information on PubPeer

Does vaping cause cancer?

Is vaping harmful to bystanders?

Should public vaping be banned?

Isn’t nicotine harmful?

What about the unknown long-term risks?

But it took decades to find out that smoking was harmful

Don’t the recent US cases of severe lung injury prove that vaping is very harmful?

Does vaping cause popcorn lung?

Is vaping safe in pregnancy?

Is vaping addictive?

How common is child poisoning?

What about fires and explosions?

Quitting Smoking

Does vaping help people quit smoking?

Is vaping a popular quitting aid?

Should vapers continue to vape after quitting smoking?

Youth vaping

Is there a ‘youth vaping epidemic’ in Australia?

Is there a youth vaping ‘epidemic’ in the US?

Is vaping a gateway to smoking?

Should flavours be banned to stop youth vaping?

Does nicotine damage the developing adolescent brain?

What can be done to protect young people?

Other issues

Is vaping being taken up by non-smokers?

Does vaping ‘renormalise’ smoking?

Isn’t most vaping ‘dual-use’ of e-cigarettes and cigarettes?

Is vaping cheaper than smoking?

The precautionary principle

The tobacco industry

Is vaping a tobacco industry ploy to keep people smoking?

Regulation of vaping

How should vaping be regulated?

How should vaping products be taxed?

Who should regulate vaping products?

What are the changes proposed for 2021?