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I'm here to spread some good information about e-cigs and vaping, Nicotine and Tobacco Harm Reduction. Vaping really does save lives. After smoking for 13 years, and many many quit attempts, In 2009 I picked up and ecig and accidentally quit smoking cigarettes. I've personally been using many low mg nicotine vapes for the last 11 years and It has been nothing but amazing for me .



Grimm Green has recently posted art to his twitter. As a beginner he received quite a bit of approval!


  • Monday Build Stream - 1:30pm PST
  • Tuesday Bro NewsDay ( with Danielle Jones ) - News and Advocacy show 3:30pm PST
  • Wednesday Usually a review or two. Banana sticker ratings are back.
  • Thursday VLOG Program. Beer, Vaps, Advocacy, liquid, #GrimmArmy chill time, all are welcome 4:30pm PST

Contact Details

Sending an e-mail to is the absolute best way to get a hold of me.