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Interest group for ex-smokers

The ExRaucher / ExRaucher (IG) interest group is a non-commercial, independent consumer organization promoting e-vaping.


The purpose of the interest group is to promote the general public through education about e-vaping (consumption of electronic cigarettes).

The goals are achieved through

  • Education of the general public, as well as the detection and correction of false information about e-vaping;
  • Help for self-help with regard to self-mixing, legal sources of raw materials, accessories and devices, self-assembly and repair of devices and DIY in general through articles, tutorials or the mediation of contacts, in particular also for new users and those interested in switching to overcome more restrictive Regulations;
  • the provision of information material, as well as the offer of a freely available collection of personal stories about the successful switch from tobacco smoking to e-vaping;
  • informing politicians and decision-makers about factual conditions, as well as the latest scientific findings about e-vaping;
  • Cooperation, exchange and contact with organizations with similar goals.

We want to educate the public and decision-makers, we want to make vaping better known, we will make the true background of e-vaping known. Are you interested in participating? To stand up for the other vapers and those who want to become one? Then click HERE .

Do you want to support the IG? Do you value teamwork? Are you creative? You can write? You can create graphics? You can research? Are you interested in the political situation regarding vaping? Are you a good speaker?

Then we would be happy if you want to become part of the community of interests.