Je défume

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In your House of Defume ...

  How so ? You were not aware of this second home? Let me reassure you right away, it is not taxable! And, moreover, it will not even cost you anything! Well, it's true that it is not really yours but to all passing smokers! Let's say it's a somewhat special condominium, a sort of Spanish inn.

I invite you to discover the place ,  who is the architect and owner of the walls, and with whom you will get to  know.  It is a resort where you can come - alone or accompanied - when you want, without reservation, without constraint, without shopping ... to motivate you  , re-  motivate  ; inform you  ,  discuss  on the defume.  

No matter your current relationship with your "  dear  "  smoked tobacco , you have entered the house of mutual aid , of  sharing , in an authentic space, with "real pieces of humanity in it". No judgment, comparison, discredit… You are both the  sole decision maker  and at the same time, you will be a full  member  of a large family  : that of the  House of Defume  !