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Questions about deeming regs and burdens on small businesses (letter #1)

  • 5/17/16 - Ron Johnson to FDA

Followup letter due to no response from the FDA (letter #2)

  • 6/6/16 - Ron Johson to FDA

Followup letter due to inadequate response from the FDA

  • 7/15/16 - Ron Johnson to FDA

==Reformof tobacco and nicotine regulation at FDA

Youthtobacco and nicotine use – proportionate and responsible reaction

  • 11/14/18 - Tom Miller, etc.to FDA

Letter that debunks this study: Electronic Cigarette Use and Myocardial Infarction Among Adults in the US Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health

  • 07/11/19 - Brad Rodu and Nantaporn Plurphanswat to Drs. London, Eitzman, Weinbergand Harrington

Regulation of vaping products – a crisis in 2020

  • 7/24/19 - Tom Miller, etc to FDA, CTP, OMB, & Committees

Re:follow up to meeting regarding tobacco & vaping policy (24September 2019)

  • 10/3/19 - Tom Miller, etc. to OMB

FederalFlavor Ban and Economic Significance

  • 11/13/19 - Ron Johnson to President Trump