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Youtube channel [1]

Hi Guys! I'm Matt, and the gorgeous girl next to me is my girlfriend Vanessa. I was a pack a day smoker for close to 15 years and had multiple failed quit attempts along the way. Vanessa has been a social smoker most of her adult life who would smoke when we went out, or when she was mad at me lol. We tried the Blu cig thing a year and a half ago, and that lasted about as long as the Blu's battery life. Toward the end of the summer 2013, we were armed with ego batteries and Kanger tanks ready to make a life change. Well, it worked! Because I'm a huge geek that loves electronics and gadgets, I quickly became a hobbyist. Combining electronics with my nicotine addiction? Pure awesomeness. We are going to review things that are new and exciting, and that don't already have a thousand reviews. Rebuildables, mods, accessories, and maybe even juice. Oh, and we might even throw a little humor in along the way!